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PANEL C  1908

For those of you who read this blog consistently, you know I am a fan of the Morse Museum.  The Morse is in the college town of Winter Park, Fl.  They have an extensive collection of Tiffany art work.

This is part of the collection that was feature in this month’s newsletter.  The panel was originally the center piece of a 10-panel window designed for the landing of a massive marble staircase in the Pittsburg home Of Richard B. Mellon.  The panel was divided up when the 60-room house was demolished in 1940.

The piece is done totally in opalescent glass.  It must have been a remarkable sight at the top of the equally remarkable marble staircase.


Tips from the Glass Academy: Accessory Glass

So Much Fun with Accessory Glass!


Available in 96 COE and 90 COE as well as regular stained glass. You can get very hard to cut glass already cut. Animals, bugs, sea stuff, flowers, holiday items, stars, nature items, symbols, hearts, vegetables, winter items, on and on!

Shop for 96 COE precuts here


Similar to non-fusible nuggets. Approximately 1/2” diameter and 1/4” thick. Fusible. Beautiful colors.  Great to embellish your projects. They come in bags of approximately 25 pieces.

Shop for 96 COE pebbles here


Smaller than pebbles. 1/4” to 3/8” diameter. About 50 in a package. Also available in mixes.

Shop for 96 COE polka dots here




Dots are cut from rods. A convenience product. No need for you to be nipping rods. The other nice thing about them is that they come in mixed 1 oz packs so you do not have to buy a bunch of rods to get a nice variety of color.

Shop for 96 COE dots here


So much fun in a 1/2 oz package. At first glance, they look round but they are actually flat which makes them much easier to use. They are thin – the sizes range from 1/12” to 1/4”.

Shop for 96 COE frit balls here

Stained Glass News is Here!


The September issue of Stained Glass News has arrived! This edition’s free pattern is “Homage to Spectrum Glass”.

Get tips on making your own flash glass with enamels, how to create a pattern from other patterns, upgrading your home with cabinet door inserts and more. Every issue includes reader hints, a new products showcase, techniques, ideas and reader projects. Pick up your free copy during your next visit to our retail store.

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Tips from the Glass Academy: Steel Wool

One Must-Have Supply for Your Stained Glass Workshop

One of the things you should have on your glass bench that you do not buy at your glass supply shop is steel wool. The grade is 0000. This is called aught. So at the hardware store you ask for 4 aught steel wool.

Steel Wool

Its uses are:

  • It will take oxidation off lead or solder without scratching the glass. If you have left your project and oxidation has started, just rub with the steel wool and you are good to go.
  • When you are doing a repair, you can use it to scrub the solder joints to make them easier to work with and to just in general clean the glass.
  • If you decide you don’t like the patina you used, scrub it off.
  • Pretty much anything that is on your glass or your metal that you do not want, 0000 steel wool will take it off. Old paint, marker, sticker gunk, smoke residue – just scrub.
  • It is painted and fired, the paint is now part of the glass and permanent and you cannot scrub it off. Be careful to test to make sure if something is permanent or not. I have seen a face scrubbed off Jesus because someone thought it was permanent and it was not.

After scrubbing with the steel wool, soap and water will clean it up.

~ Janet

Time for Plan B

Who Else Manufactures Glass?

Time for Plan B. The Spectrum plant has now ceased production of glass. They are continuing to sell what is left in the warehouse but we are expecting the warehouse to close by year end. Then it will be just what the distributors have left in their warehouses for us to stock.

This list is US manufacturers only.

Art Glass

  • Armstrong**
  • Kokomo**
  • Uroboros**
  • Van Gogh**
  • Wissmach**
  • Youghiogheny**

Fusible Glass +/-82 COE

  • Youghiogheny

Fusible Glass 90 COE

  • Bullseye Glass Company (Note: Bullseye does not say they are 90. They say they are compatible with themselves.)**
  • Uroboros*
  • Wissmach*

Fusible Glass 96 COE

  • Spectrum (the factory that is closing)**
  • Uroboros**
  • Wissmach***

Rods & Frit for Glassblowing and Flameworking

  • Glass Alchemy**
  • Momka**
  • Northstar**
  • Origin*
  • Trautman*


These companies coat glass. They do not manufacture the glass the coating is on. They will be affected by Spectrum closing.

  • Austin Thin Films**
  • Coatings by Sandberg**
  • Profusion**

Dalle Glass and Rondels


* indicates that Stained Glass Express stocks some

** indicates that Stained Glass Express stocks a lot

*** indicates that Stained Glass Express will be aggressively increasing their stock



Tips from the Glass Academy: La Farge Hollyhocks

John La Farge’s “Hollyhocks”


This window is on display at the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida. It is one of two made around 1890 from a painting John La Farge did in 1863. One window was made for banker J. Pierpont Morgan in 1881. The Hollyhocks was probably made around the same time for Michael Jenkins, Vice Present of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Merchants and Miners Transportation Company.

It features two hollyhock stalks in a single plane. The window creates a powerful two-dimensional formal structure reminiscent of Japanese woodblock print, which the artist collected. La Farge was the first to patent opalescent glass on November 10, 1879. He and his younger rival, Louis Comfort Tiffany, revolutionized leaded-glass windows.

U.S. leaded-glass window designers such as Tiffany and La Farge used opalescent glass in such startlingly beautiful new ways that their innovations became known as American glass. The brilliant American glass, its colors infused in the glass itself, was distinguished from the painted and enameled cathedral glass used by tradition in European glass. (from the Morse Museum website)


Tips from the Glass Academy: Kokomo Catspaw

Kokomo Catspaw

This sure does come under the category of “how do they do that??”! This is the Kokomo Granite Catspaw roller and table. It is their original and it is still used.

Kokomo Catspaw machine

Kokomo Catspaw machine

This first sheet below is Kokomo’s most popular color of restoration glass. The middle one is Red Blue Lime and the third is Olive White. All Granite Catspaw texture. Just beautiful.

~ Janet

To view all of the Kokomo sheet glass we carry, please click here




Letter from Uroboros Glass

The following is a letter from Uroboros Glass:

Dear Uroboros Friends,

There is no doubt we have started a new era in colored glass making. Change is inevitable, but we all know that this difficult shift will not deter any of us from pursuing our passion for this art in as safe a manner as technology can provide. At the end of the day, the glass arts will be safer for all, guaranteed, and that is good news for everyone!

Although plans for a new emission control ‘baghouse’ are now in hand, we are still working on securing the capital required to fund it, along with setting up some energy conservation credits, tax abatements, and the like. With a 12 week installation expected, the earliest we can now predict to be back in full production is at the end of October. However, we‘ve found some clever (but temporary!) work arounds to keep more colors than we expected flowing in the meantime. We do have colors back in stock now that we didn’t have just a few weeks ago. Check in with your favorite supplier! Need to find a supplier? Click here.

We’re also excited to report that we are already able to fulfill customer requests for some Spectrum colors! For one client we were able to match 10 of the 12 colors desired – from formulas we already had in our palette! So please ask us directly or through your dealer if you can’t get what you need anymore from Spectrum. We plan to keep you posted as their stock runs out and we begin to produce specific Spectrum color matches.

We know you already miss the super smooth Spectrum sheet surface, and it’s not even gone yet! We do too! But are you aware we’ve made strides over the last couple of years improving the smoothness of our hand rolled fusible sheets? The Spectrum closure has added a new urgency to our ongoing efforts to push the limits of hand rolling techniques for fusibles, and to find out just how smooth and glossy we can get them. So stay tuned on this one!

We are fully committed to carrying on the both the traditional Uroboros and System 96 product lines, as well as building upon the strength of the brands and their distribution network. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure the future of art glass is a bright and colorful one!

Best Regards,

Eric Lovell


Uroboros Glass

Stained Glass Birds on a Branch

These absolutely fabulous branches are available already made up or as a kit (branch and a pattern) for you to make yourself. Also – no one is going to tell you that you can’t buy a branch and put anything you want on it! Your own creativity is the limit you face!

There are three branch types:

  • hummingbird branch
  • curved, up branch
  • curved, down branch

They are best displayed in a window frame so your glass can get light. They measure approximately 14 to 15 inches in length.

Also available is this dragonfly. How great!


We currently stock these finished stained glass birds on a branch:

We stock the following kits (includes a pewter branch, pattern for birds, leaves and berries, detailed instructions, wire, mounting screws):

Baltimore Oriole Pair


Blue Jay


Cardinal Pair


Chickadee Pair






Gold Finch Pair




Nuthatch Pair


Tufted Titmouse Pair


~ Janet





Tips from the Glass Academy: Pre-Cut Glass Shapes


Pre-Cut Glass Shapes for Fused Glass, Stained Glass and Mosaics

96 COE Precut Shapes

I doubt you can find a product that is more fun than pre-cut glass shapes! We stock mostly 96 COE glass shapes and a few 90 COE and can always get more. They are available in animals, butterflies, sea stuff, cupcakes, flowers, hearts, seasonal items, stars, symbols, vegetables, winter-themed and more. There is such a wide selection.

The shapes are made by a family-owned and operated business. The pre-cuts are easy to use. All are copyrighted original designs, manufactured in the United States using American-made glass.

Even though the pre-cuts are made with fusible glass (90 COE or 96 COE), they are also great for mosaics and can be used as an overlay in stained glass.

Click here to view our selection of 96 COE pre-cut glass shapes

Click here to view our selection of 90 COE pre-cut glass shapes

As always, if you are looking for a particular item that we do not currently stock, please let us know and we are happy to order it for you!

~ Janet

Southwest Picture Frame Side View