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Bottle Club


Don’t you just hate to throw out those wine and liquor bottles?  They are quite nice with the graceful shapes and the beautiful colors.   Make them into fused art!

First (and most important) step is to clean them.  The labels and any glue must be completely removed to be sure that no residue is fused onto the glass.  Use very hot water with ½ cup baking soda and 1 tablespoon of dish soap.  Submerge them in the water and let them soak for 10 minutes then add 2 cups of white wine vinegar.  Roll your bottles around so the vinegar mixes in.  Let them soak until you can get the labels off.

Once the bottles are clean you have some options.  You can just lay it in the kiln and full fuse it.  This one just has a little decorative wiring and some etching.  You could add a decorative knife and have a nice little gift.

Another option is to use a bottle mold.  There are all types available.  See the full collection here.

There are textured molds.  The one above has a lovely Tree of Life motif.

Drop molds, such as the one above, make an interesting shape.

You also can use a textured flat mold, such as the one below, and then slump it into a bottle mold.

You may get devitrification with some bottles.  To prevent it, spay with a divit spray like Spray A.



Tips from the Glass Academy: Art Rules!

I stumbled upon a website that listed some art rules.  They really were for painting, but they sure could be adapted to any area of art including glass art.  The name of the site is


Divide your surface into thirds and place your focus either one-third across or one-third up or down.  Where the lines intersect.

To see the difference, look at the lions.  The one on the left your eye is drawn into the center and you tend to ignore the rest.  On the right example, where the lion’s face is using the rules of thirds your eye is drawn to the lion face and around the painting following the curve of the body.



When designing you should first decide how many elements will be in the piece.  One way to make the piece more dynamic is have odd numbers.  Having an odd number does not allow your brain to pair and group which keeps your eyes moving.  In the top picture below your eye/brain pairs up the tress but in the lower examples it shows a more dynamic picture.

How to use the Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

This info is all from the Pantone website

We have created eight different color palettes that feature PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet to help you bring this year’s special shade into your designs. All color bases are covered; brights, deeper hues, pastels, mid-tones, and metallics. With Ultra Violet as a versatile trans-seasonal and gender-neutral anchor in every palette, each of the eight palettes conveys its own distinctive feeling and mood and can easily cross-over fashion and accessories, beauty, home interiors, and graphic design applications.

To further inspire your creative juices, within each of these eight color stories we have also included three suggested color harmonies. The color harmonies provide you with examples of how individual colors in the palette can be mixed together and in what proportion or measure. The uniquely developed color bars which make up the color harmony accompany each highlighted color story.

We also strongly encourage you to explore each of these eight palettes on your own. Create your own combinations. Develop your own individualized color mixes. Imagine and invent. Experiment and express. And most importantly, have fun. There has never been a better time to be original and leave your very own colorful mark on the world.


Embodying calmness, a palette of hazy and smoky hues effortlessly commingle to create subtle blends and harmonies that are both timeless and time-honored.


Sitting side by side on the color wheel, this palette of like-minded hues with their spirited good humor and playful exuberance makes for easy and engaging color mixes.


An unusual combination of show-stopping saturated color with rich and elegant earth tones creates an adventurous mood full of excitement and drama.


Invoking a sense of mystery, a palette of nature’s blues and greens, combined with the unconventional Ultra Violet and a Silver and Pale Gold metallic, exudes a quiet strength.


Soft and warm, a subtle palette of natural and organic shades accented by a Frosted Almond metallic evokes reassurance and conveys a sense of calm and quiet.


Exploding with zest and energy, this palette of pure, unadulterated color which screams “look at me” comes together to create a bold statement with feelings of excitement and high voltage effects.


Emulating a desert sunset, this is a dramatic palette of brilliantly heightened warm shades that radiate resplendently across the early evening sky.


Inspired by the colors we see in our surroundings, a combination of soft and sweet pastels with an enchanting Ultra Violet and a deep, dark navy Astral Aura conjures up a summer garden in full bloom.

Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet!

Pantone (the folks who assign color #s to paint among other things) has announced that the 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet.

How beautiful is that!!!

This is what Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the pantone color institute says about the choice.

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination.  It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone 18-383 Ultra Violet, a blue based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.  From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Look to next weeks blog to see how to combine the color of the year with other colors.

Here are some violets from our stock!

Spectrum Deep Violet with Pale Purple Streaks Cathedral Waterglass

Blue and Violet Van Gogh Metallic Finish Glass

Purple and Violet Van Gogh Metallic Finish Glass

Bullseye Deep Royal Purple Fusible Glass 90 COE

Spectrum Grape Opal Waterglass SilverCoat Mirror

Spectrum Violet Cathedral Fusible 96 COE

Top the Tree!

Over the years we have had many requests for a tree topper.   Recently we were involved with a “River of Trees” project where we were co-sponsoring a tree with glass ornaments.  This time we needed to do it.  We had to have a tree topper.

This year’s tree would be in jewel tones and we stock a bevel star in a beautiful blue.

Click here to buy the blue bevel star!

Wanda Shorty with the help of her son, Matt added wire to this star.  They attached two wires to the star as shown in the picture below and created a coil to attach the star to the tree.  The coil was made with 3/32” steel copper clad rod.  We do stock these but don’t list them on the website because they are long to ship.  However, put a note on your order and say you want a rod-2 and it is ok to cut it ½ and we will add one to the order.

And here is the tree in all it’s glory!


Tiffany Autumn Color

The Morse Museum has started to use Pinterest and have several boards that are really nice.

Tiffany’s Cobweb Library Lamp

Featured in the Halloween link above.

The cobweb lamp is one of the rarest of Tiffany Lamp designs.  Fewer than 10 examples are known to exist.  One of them is on display at the Morse now.  The shade has flowers and eight spider webs each a different configuration and with different glass.  The base is mosaic which make it more difficult to produce.  The shade has bronze branches and a vessel that once held fuel.  Tiffany and other artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were influenced by Japanese art.  Spiders and other insects were popular subjects in Japanese art and design.  In 1906 it sold for $500 which was nearly 4 times the amount of other lamps at that time.

The Morse Museum is in Winter Park, Florida or at

You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!?

You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!? By Melissa Bardsley

Armour Etch has a new line of etching stencils called ‘Over n Over’ that is quickly growing and we didn’t want you to be left out of the loop.

This new type of stencil is called ‘Over n Over’ which just like the name says can be used over and over again. Anyone who has ever used etching stencils can appreciate the struggle of using that one design you really like and then wanting to use it again but there are no more in the package and are now faced with the tough decision of do you buy another package to just use that one stencil again or suck it up and make do with the ones you have left. This problem has been solved ( Woooo!) these new stencils are more durable and are able to be used multiple times by both those that sandblast and those that use the etching cream. The amounts of times you can reuse them is dependent on how intense you are sandblasting and how well you take care of them but it is safe to say you should be able to get 15-20 uses out of them. This is fantastic news for those that struggle with making decisions and chronically has use regret when etching.

This new line of etching stencils makes it easier and more cost efficient t o do etching at events! One fun activity that you can do at a party is have everyone decorate their own drinking glass using the ‘Over n Over’ stencils and etch cream, your guest now won’t confuse their glass with someone else’s  and they have a unique party favor.

There are tons of stencils available on our website and if you can’t find what you are looking for there is blank stencil material available so that you can create your own unique designs.

 Click here to see our supply of Over ‘n’ Over stencils!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your creations on our Facebook page and social media!


In this world of immediate gratification and just in general never having enough time, it is great to find something that will speed up a process.  In our Glass Academy, we were thrilled when we found this product.  It enables us to have a class where we can do a mosaic from start to finish in one sitting without being frustrated with the glass moving around because the glue has not set up yet.

This little miracle product is No Days Mosaic Adhesive and Mesh.

For an overview, watch this:


We have these products on our website.  Note the Mosaic adhesive is available in white, black and pewter.  Links to each are below.


Tips from the Glass Academy: PRIMING MOLDS

Molds must be primed and it is more complicated than ever.  There are primers for steel molds and primers for textured molds.  It is important that you know what you are using and that you use the right thing.  Expense works into this also.  Some are quite expensive.

Always wear a mask and read the directions carefully.

When using a spray can always hold the can vertically, ten to twelve inches from the mold.


Primo Primer

Click here to purchase Primo Primer

For shelf and molds.  Lasts for multiple firings.  Can be used with some casting molds including Colour de Verre casting molds.  This is a powder that must be mixed with water.


Hi-Fire Shelf Primer

Click here to purchase Hi-Fire Shelf Primer

Designed for higher temperatures for raking and as a coating for mandrels for bead making.


Slide Hi-Temp 1800

Click here to purchase Slide Hi-Temp 1800

This is made with Boron Nitride.  Idea for stainless steel molds.  NOT recommended for casting or ceramic molds.  This is an aerosol so it is very easy to use.  There is no need to preheat the metal mold before applying.  This is NOT recommended for Creative Paradise molds



Click here to purchase ZYP

This can go up to 1800 degrees F.  With the stainless steel and ceramic mold.  This is the one to use with intricately detailed molds that Colour de Verre and Creative Paradise puts out. This spray results in superior casings.  No spurs or sharp edges and leaves a beautiful shiny surface.




We have all seen unity ceremonies at weddings.  The bride and groom each take a candle and together light a single candle.  A colored sand ceremony where two different colored sands are put into a single container.   Another is two colored waters merged into a container to make a different color.  There are ones done with flowers and on and on.

Here is a new one.  A frit ceremony.  The bride and groom choose 2 to 4 different colors of frit and combine them in a single container.  The very original part of this ceremony is that later the bride and groom return to the glass studio with their wedding frit and create a wedding or anniversary masterpiece.


Info from “the underground”.