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Celebrating Life of Ted Fletcher

It is with a heavy heart, I let the stained glass community know of Edward (Ted) Fletcher’s passing on Monday, January 13, 2014. He was 99 years old! 

On the celebration side of his life he was a great friend to Stained Glass Express. He loved we were here and offered to help in any way he could. Help he did! He found us almost the day we opened our doors and was a strong supporter and a loyal customer. He made beautiful vases for the store to sell. He made the cutest chickadees with little wire feet that enabled them to stand up and not have to be hung. He taught classes for us. If a repair was just too much work for our small staff to do, Ted would do it.

He loved to tell stories and would tell them all day if his wife, Marilyn would not drag him out the door. He loved amber glue chip glass and used lots and lots in the background of his panels. He grew roses and made beautiful stepping stones to go in his garden. He loved gadgets and tools and knew how to use them. We could always ask him how something worked.

He sang with a barbershop quartet and convinced us all to not only advertise in their brochure but go and see the show. What fun!

When Ted was around 90 he and Marilyn came to say goodbye. They were moving from Albion, Maine to Blue Hill, Maine to be closer to family. That was a sad day but we got to see him a couple more times when he came back to see the barbershop group perform. On one of those trips he came to an event here and won the big door price, a glass saw! I can’t tell you how happy I was to have this man who so loved tools and gadgets win that saw. We kept him part of the Stained Glass Express community by sending pictures of the store every 4 to 8 weeks. We took pictures of events, contests, displays, each other and sent them on. Marilyn told us how he enjoyed them. I hope he enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed getting to think of him those few moments we would put our picture packet together to send off.


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Featured Artist: Jan Royall

Each quarter, we feature a Maine glass artist in our Waterville store. Our Featured Artist for this quarter is Jan Royall of J.S. Royall Studio in Kingfield, Maine.

Jan has been working in glass since 1973. She has studied with Stephen Horowitz in Aspen, Colorado and later, with Christie Rufo in Somerville, Massachusetts. Originally trained in lead came construction, Jan eventually began working in copper foil and continues to utilize both construction methods today, depending on the requirements of her commissions.

Jan’s designs are generally one-of-a-kind. With regard to glass selection, she states, “I favor using mouth blown glass for its clarity and individual nuances but always use whatever glass is most effective for the design concept.” Excited about incorporating and experimenting with new techniques, Jan often includes other elements in her work, such as acid-etching, painting and fusing…some of which are represented in the pieces currently on display here at SGE.

Jan’s enthusiasm of glass art is evident in her work. She states, “The design and construction of commissioned work is a challenge I enjoy. And, of course, when inspired, I am compelled to explore ideas just for the joy of the creative process.” We hope that by sharing Jan’s story and her work, you will be inspired to create something new in the coming year!

Don’t miss the opportunity to view Jan’s work in person! Please stop in our Waterville store and ask about our Featured Artist display.


Featured Artist – Laura-Lee Clark

Each quarter, we feature a Maine glass artist in our Waterville store. Our Featured Artist for this quarter is Laura-Lee Clark of Salty-Jewels. Laura-Lee creates her unique art primarily from handpicked, Maine sea glass while also incorporating a combination of small amounts of natural and man-made materials.

Please stop in to view her work and perhaps treat yourself or someone else to a beautiful piece of art!

Closeup of one in a series of five panels

Closeup of one in a series of five panels