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Copyright Infringement Concerns

Weird situation in my mind. You buy a pattern book because you like a pattern in it. If you make up the piece and sell it, have you committed copyright infringement?

Technically, yes.

If, however, you make the piece and hang it in your den, you have not committed copyright infringement. Only if you make a profit on it.

If you check with the publisher, any of the following could happen. Some will charge you a royalty fee. Others will allow you to produce a small number of pieces before expecting compensation.

Related to that is copying patterns from a pattern book. When we were first in business, customers sometimes asked if they could just copy a pattern from a pattern book instead of buying the book. Not only is it is illegal to do so, it is also unethical. It takes away income from the designer/publisher — and from the store too. We have already paid for the books on the shelf.

If you are working on a piece, you can make the copies you need to build the piece. But if you make a copy to give to your friend, that is copyright infringement.

If you change the pattern 35 percent, technically, you have not committed copyright infringement. If you change, say, a chickadee pattern 35 percent, you are good. After all, how many ways can you make a chickadee pose?

Here’s some good news.

If you use a Stained Glass Express free pattern, you may feel FREE to use it, however you wish. We do not copyright them — we make them for you!

Stained Glass Express Free Patterns

When you first start clicking through these items, it may appear that we are charging for them. But you will only be charged if you buy the kit, which includes glass and other needed items to build the piece. If you scroll down below the product description, you will see the following:

Click HERE to download the free stained glass pattern.

How about Stained Glass Express printed patterns?

When we first develop a pattern, we build it, put it on display and give it away for three months. After the initial three months, however, the printed pattern is no longer free. But the patterns are always free online, as you are using your own ink and paper.

Just one of many free patterns Stained Glass Express has made for you! Click on the picture to download!

No Bad Luck Here!




Don’t think of it as seven years bad luck, think of it as an opportunity to be creative.  If you are worried about the seven years of bad luck you can bury a piece in the garden and that will stop it. (so I have heard). Here are some ideas for broken mirrors, most of which I got from Fusing 101:  Any and Everything You Wanted to know but Were Afraid to Ask.

This from Jane Wimbury.  How sweet is that!

Another idea is to get Styrofoam balls and make garden balls.  Or use an old bowling ball:

Frame the irregular shapes for eclectic mirrors:

Just put it back together roughly for a high interest look.  Many of these ideas from dyi.

I can see this done with wine corks, as well!

Try  your own designs – Good Luck!

Glass Fusing Q&A


Q: When I fuse my projects, sometimes I get medium to small bubbles. What causes them and how can I prevent them?

A: Bubbles can be caused by many different things. First, uneven stacking of glass can result in air trapped between layers. To prevent this from occurring, check the placement of all the glass pieces and insure they are sitting properly on the base. Since the edges of the glass fuse before the center of the glass, cut your base glass 1/8” larger than the top layer to allow air to escape. Second, check the glass prior to fusing. Some glass may already have contained bubbles inside the glass, which may or may not affect the outcome.

Q: After I fuse my pendants, I get uneven areas around the edges. What’s happening with the glass?

A: You did not fire it long enough or to a high enough temperature for a full fuse. Try firing for a little longer time.

Q: Sometimes my glass pieces look like a porcupine with spiky edges. What causes the glass to spike?

A: Spiky edges can be caused by over-firing your piece. The spiked edges are caused by the glass grabbing as it is trying to shrink.

Q: What caused my layered glass pieces to flatten?

A: If the glass piece has flattened out too much, you have over fired the piece. To prevent this from happening, reduce your power and shorten your time. After your first firing, open the microwave and using Fireworks Hot Mitts™; carefully lift the lid to inspect the fuse piece. If the desired results have not been achieved, continue firing in 30 seconds intervals.

Q: I tried to make a 1 inch pendant with embellishments, however after I finished fusing, the glass shrunk. How can I prevent this from happening the next time?

A: Glass naturally wants to be ¼ inch thick when heated. Your glass will shrink or expand to obtain this depth. A good tip to remember is that if your piece is less than ¼ inch when you start, it will shrink up to reach this depth. If your piece is larger than ¼ inch when you start, it will want to flatten out to reach this depth.

Q: What causes two pieces of dichroic or iridized glass to blow apart in the kiln?

A: Repelling glass will occur with dichroic and iridized coatings. The coatings can’t be placed together for fusing purposes, because they repel each other. The only way to avoid this is to encase the coated glass with a non-coated glass, such as clear. This will cause the coated glass to be encased and sealed.

Q:  Yuck, this film appeared on my fused glass. What is it and how can I prevent this from happening?

A: This dull white crystalline substance on the surface of your glass is known as devitrification. This is one of the most talked about glass fusing problems around. It can occur when your glass remains in a temperature range 1000ºF-1300ºF too long. You need to minimize the time spent in this temperature range.

Gray or Scummy Edges – Gray or scummy edges can occur on pieces that have been fired once and then cold worked before refiring. Cold working involves using either a grinder or glass saw on a piece of glass. These can be avoided by thoroughly cleaning the glass before refiring the piece. Keep a bowl of clean water near your work area and soak the glass right after doing the cold work procedure. This will keep the edges damp and allow the piece to be cleaned easier. Scrub completely and let dry before proceeding with the refiring process.

Q:  My glass cracked! What happened?

A: Cracking glass either during or after firing can be caused by a several things: thermal shock, heating up the glass too fast and compatibility.

Thermal shock occurs either by taking the piece out of the kiln too soon, or by opening the kiln and exposing the hot glass to cool air.

If the glass cracked in the kiln and it has an “S” shaped crack, the piece has heated too quickly. Slow down!

Finally, if the crack occurs along the line where the two pieces of glass meet, then the two touching pieces are not compatible. Make sure the glass you are using have the same COE (coefficient of expansion).

Q: How can I prevent my glass from shattering?

A: Glass Shattering in pieces over 1” with more than 1 layer may sometimes shatter. To prevent this from occurring, reduce the power. This will allow the glass to heat slower and will be less likely to shatter. Next, make sure your glass is clean and dry before firing.

Q: My fusing instructions say to clean my glass before firing, can I use a glass cleaning spray or detergent?

A: We don’t recommend it. Detergents, dish soaps, multi-purpose cleaners, some window cleaners, ammonia and even denatured alcohol should NOT be used to clean glass. These can actually promote devitrification. We suggest diluted white vinegar or rinsing your glass with distilled water.

Q: Every time I put my fuse glass project together, the pieces roll off before I can get it to the microwave. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

A: To hold your fusing project together, mix one drop of glue.   Apply a very thin amount on the back of the glass using a brush and allow the glue to dry thoroughly before firing.

Always Need More

So, so true! And mostly it is glass.  You just can’t stop.  Sometimes it is for a project, sometimes because it is a basic color that you always use, and sometimes it is just because it is too beautiful or unusual to resist.

Thank you for that. You keep the industry going!

We have a great stock of heads and tails in for our annual Invite Night sale April 6th. They will be available to one and all after the sale.

Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet!

Pantone (the folks who assign color #s to paint among other things) has announced that the 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet.

How beautiful is that!!!

This is what Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the pantone color institute says about the choice.

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination.  It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone 18-383 Ultra Violet, a blue based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.  From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Look to next weeks blog to see how to combine the color of the year with other colors.

Here are some violets from our stock!

Spectrum Deep Violet with Pale Purple Streaks Cathedral Waterglass

Blue and Violet Van Gogh Metallic Finish Glass

Purple and Violet Van Gogh Metallic Finish Glass

Bullseye Deep Royal Purple Fusible Glass 90 COE

Spectrum Grape Opal Waterglass SilverCoat Mirror

Spectrum Violet Cathedral Fusible 96 COE

Glass has come a long way!

Stained Glass Express open in July of 1988.  Before that we stocked some glass and supplies at our Oakes & Parkhurst Glass locations in Winslow, Belfast, Farmington and Skowhegan.  All these locations were sold or closed in preparation for our retirement and the only location of O&P Glass is now in Augusta, Maine. (run by two of our three children).  We have been doing/selling stained glass since the early 80s.

We offered some classes in our Winslow location.  All that was even thought of was the copper foil method of stained glass.  The teacher we had at that time, Fred Tanenbaum from Northern Light Stained Glass, firmly believe that beginners should not use a grinder. We later added Jim Miller of Miller signs to teach.  He, and many other stained-glass professionals, believed that if you used a grinder you would not learn to cut well.  We all created our own patterns and plugged away at making projects.  I still own the first one I made which was fruit.  Imagine making a cluster of grapes before nuggets were available!  I look at it now and the some of the fruit pieces seem too big or small in relation to the others and there are just kind of suspended in air.  However, it did seem amazing that it all got put together even after the dog knocked it off the coffee table and sent all the little pieces flying.  In addition to the grapes there was also a pineapple so all those grapes and little diamonds to make up the pineapple got put back together like a puzzle by my son, Tobias and my husband, Richard.  Some of the glass is that piece is now not available.

Since that time the offerings have expanded greatly.  In additional to the copper foil method, classes are now offered in lead came, Mosaics, multiple skill levels of Fusing, Glass Painting,  Glass Blowing and Bead Making.  In addition to that there are project based Friends Night Out and classes developed around Healing.  We currently have about 20 different teachers who teach for us.

When we were going to open our first store that would have just Stained Glass, we considered stocking just one kind of glass.  Armstrong.  I am sure glad we did not make that choice since Armstrong is hard to get most of the time.

We always provide grinders for beginners because we don’t think it is fun without one.  We stock Glass from Armstrong, Firebox, Spectrum and Uroboros by Oceanside, Wissmach, GNA, Youghiogheny, Kokomo, Pilkington and other clear texture manufacturers.

It will be interesting to see where this industry is in another 35 years!

Top the Tree!

Over the years we have had many requests for a tree topper.   Recently we were involved with a “River of Trees” project where we were co-sponsoring a tree with glass ornaments.  This time we needed to do it.  We had to have a tree topper.

This year’s tree would be in jewel tones and we stock a bevel star in a beautiful blue.

Click here to buy the blue bevel star!

Wanda Shorty with the help of her son, Matt added wire to this star.  They attached two wires to the star as shown in the picture below and created a coil to attach the star to the tree.  The coil was made with 3/32” steel copper clad rod.  We do stock these but don’t list them on the website because they are long to ship.  However, put a note on your order and say you want a rod-2 and it is ok to cut it ½ and we will add one to the order.

And here is the tree in all it’s glory!


Tips from the Glass Academy: DID YOU KNOW


This about Stained Glass Express


If you take a class anywhere, you are eligible for a 10% discount during that class at Stained Glass Express.  We don’t have enough staff to enter these to happen automatically so please remind the cashier that you are taking a class.

If you take a class at Stained Glass Express, you are eligible for a 20% discount at Stained Glass Express.  Please remind the cashier you are in a class.  You also can work in the Glass Academy whenever we are open and there is space.

If you are a veteran, you are eligible for our “Thanks for Serving the USA” discount.


If you are eligible for a discount, it is good for almost everything in the store.  If you want to buy a gift your discount applies.  Just remember to tell the cashier.  We have even added some of these gifts to our on-line store and will begin featuring some for the holiday season.  Exceptions are labor, class tuition, things in The Gallery (they don’t belong to SGE) and just a couple of products (that we try to keep marked) because we don’t have a markup on them to discount.

If you are an art teacher in either a private or public setting you are eligible to take beginner classes at The Glass Academy for free!



We are a distributor of Olympic Kilns and Bethlehem Burners.  Big items for a small company like us to sell so competitively.  If you have a class or veteran or wholesale discount, the discount applies.  When buying a kiln you also get a free class to you how to program it and run it.  We stock several different kilns but can special order a different one for you.  You can view the selection at



Did you know you can rent time in our Glass Academy to work on project and you can pay for kiln space.   You can rent by the day or the month.

We sponsor two contests per year.  One the Just For Fun contest in April that celebrates National Stained Glass Month.  There is a special sale that goes along with this even.  The second is a themed contest called The Amazing Glass Challenge and it is in October.


Stained Glass Express has other events and monthly sales.  Please sign up for our e newsletter to stay in the loop on those.


We have different types of class.  Classes where you want to learn the skill so you can do it on your own after in Stained Glass Copper Foil Method, Lead Method, Mosaics, Fusing, Glass Blowing and Bead Making.  We have Friends Night Out where you can just come for an evening and drink wine, eat appetizers and with no experience make something wonderful!  We have an Art & Healing Program where the classes lend themselves to people healing from an experience.  Special classes for special skills, private parties –you just name it!


On September 10th while traveling in England we made the delightful mistake of visiting Highcliffe Castle in Dorset, instead of High Cleve Castle.  I say delightful because I got to see the Jesse Window that is installed there.

On the first floor is amazing Jesse Window.  “The tree of Jesse” which is the Christ’s family tree.  Thirty feet high and dating from the 16th century, it came from the church of St Vigor at Rouen.  It survived two fires in the 1960’s.

One of the interesting things I learned about this window was when the glass was moved to Highcliffe it filled only a quarter of the space.  Louisa Stuart, Lord Stuart’s talented daughter worked with the glazier Charles Holloway to paint glass to complete the image and fill the space.

There are many of these amazing castles in England which struggle financially.  They are, of course, expensive to keep up.  This one specializes in weddings to keep going and continue the restoration.


It has been a sad year with our manufacturers having difficult times for different reasons.  Of course, the closing of Spectrum and Uroboros has been forefront in everyone’s mind since the announcement on May 11, 2016.  Thankfully the supply chain for Spectrum has now started to flow from Oceanside, the new owner.  We have not seen Uroboros back again and we have heard that Oceanside is having a difficult time with it and we may not see it for another year!

Last week when I ordered little brass filigree feet for jewelry boxes, I was told that manufacturer had closed.  I was pretty much a one-man operation and the man was in his 80s and not interested in continuing.  We received the last of what was available and they were copper not brass.  It is a nice little product and we are sad to see it go.

Now we have gotten sad news that Worden is closing.  In case you are not familiar with Worden they make a Styrofoam mold for Tiffany reproduction and tiffany type lamps.  They also produce and/or supply the patterns and the parts and pieces that go with the lamps–like filigrees and jewels.  The reason for this closing is this from their announcement.

“Why Close – Howard Worden passed away in the Spring of 2015.  The patented WordenSystem™ of stained glass lamp construction was his inspiration.  He designed the new patterns and products.  With his passing, the desire to continue with the H L Worden Co. was no longer there.

After we close the business, we cannot guarantee there will be another supplier of our products in the future.

Selling WordenSystem™ – We are currently looking for a buyer for our product line which includes instructions, patterns, molds, dies, copyrights, trademarks, accessories, etc. and remaining inventory.  If you are seriously interested, please contact us for further information.

Thank you  – Kathryn Worden and the staff at H L Worden Company say “thank you” for more than 42 years of patronage from our loyal customers.   We appreciate the many pictures and comments received from satisfied customers using the WordenSystem”

We still have some stock available.  If you are interested, please click on the link below.   We will also work hard to find you parts and pieces you may still want if we don’t have it in stock.  Just let us know and we will go on the hunt with our suppliers.  However, it does seem that they have been making this decision for the last year or so.  Supplies have already been hard to get.  We have not even been able to get their little catalog.

Click here for lamp supplies

There is another system called Odyssey Lamp System   that we will consider stocking when our stock is depleted.  It is very nice but more expensive than Worden.  The forms are made of fiberglass instead of Styrofoam so really are very durable.