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Custom work and restoration by Stained Glass Express

Glass has come a long way!

Stained Glass Express open in July of 1988.  Before that we stocked some glass and supplies at our Oakes & Parkhurst Glass locations in Winslow, Belfast, Farmington and Skowhegan.  All these locations were sold or closed in preparation for our retirement and the only location of O&P Glass is now in Augusta, Maine. (run by two of our three children).  We have been doing/selling stained glass since the early 80s.

We offered some classes in our Winslow location.  All that was even thought of was the copper foil method of stained glass.  The teacher we had at that time, Fred Tanenbaum from Northern Light Stained Glass, firmly believe that beginners should not use a grinder. We later added Jim Miller of Miller signs to teach.  He, and many other stained-glass professionals, believed that if you used a grinder you would not learn to cut well.  We all created our own patterns and plugged away at making projects.  I still own the first one I made which was fruit.  Imagine making a cluster of grapes before nuggets were available!  I look at it now and the some of the fruit pieces seem too big or small in relation to the others and there are just kind of suspended in air.  However, it did seem amazing that it all got put together even after the dog knocked it off the coffee table and sent all the little pieces flying.  In addition to the grapes there was also a pineapple so all those grapes and little diamonds to make up the pineapple got put back together like a puzzle by my son, Tobias and my husband, Richard.  Some of the glass is that piece is now not available.

Since that time the offerings have expanded greatly.  In additional to the copper foil method, classes are now offered in lead came, Mosaics, multiple skill levels of Fusing, Glass Painting,  Glass Blowing and Bead Making.  In addition to that there are project based Friends Night Out and classes developed around Healing.  We currently have about 20 different teachers who teach for us.

When we were going to open our first store that would have just Stained Glass, we considered stocking just one kind of glass.  Armstrong.  I am sure glad we did not make that choice since Armstrong is hard to get most of the time.

We always provide grinders for beginners because we don’t think it is fun without one.  We stock Glass from Armstrong, Firebox, Spectrum and Uroboros by Oceanside, Wissmach, GNA, Youghiogheny, Kokomo, Pilkington and other clear texture manufacturers.

It will be interesting to see where this industry is in another 35 years!

Valuable Lamp Auctions

It is quite interesting that in our area is an auction house that auctions off rare lamps, glass and lots of other things.  James D. Julia’s has been operating since the mid-1960s.  It is an amazing business located in Fairfield, Maine.  This November (2016) they held their 18th Rare Lamps & Glass Auction with total sales of $3.1 Million.  This was their highest yet in the glass division of the company.

In this auction, they sold a Tiffany Studios Dragonfly lamp for $515,475, a Tiffany Studios Peony shade on a rare Mosaic Turtleback base for $391,050, and a Tiffany Studios Poppy shade on a Cattail Lily Pond Base for $219,225.

Visit their website at for more fascinating info about this amazing company.


Update on the Lithgow Library Restoration Project

The Kennebec Journal recently visited Stained Glass Express to discuss the stained glass window restoration project currently underway here for the Lithgow Library in Augusta, Maine. SGE was hired June 2015 to restore 32 windows. Each leaded, stained glass window will be completely restored as part of the renovation and addition to the public library.

Have a look at the article! Click here.


Studio Work at Stained Glass Express

Two windows made for and installed in Thorndike Congregational Church


Tips from the Glass Academy: Know Your Glass – Restoration Glass


Know Your Glass – Restoration Glass

SGE currently stocks four types of restoration glass. They are many more manufactured.

Restoration glass is trying to reproduce glass that was trying for uniform thickness and distortion free glass but not being successful. Before the current float method (floating molten glass on top of a ribbon of molten metal), glass was produced using a machine to draw the glass from its molten state into sheets. The result was some distortion. There was also a method where glass was mouth blown into cylinders and then flattened into sheets. This method resulted in some distortion and imperfections. 

Different types of restoration glass try to reproduce these looks. 

We stock:



Colonial clear antique.This is manufactured by St. Just. It is mouth blown. It replicates glass made pre-1900s. The sheet size varies but is usually 36”x36”. There is a light waviness in the glass and has an occasional seed or bubble. There are minor variations in the thickness and the flatness. It is not temperable.

CG120  Krosno


Krosno Light Restoration. Manufactured by Krosno Capital Group. It is mouth blown. It replicates glass made pre-1900. Sheet size varies but is usually 36”x36”. There is a light waviness in the glass and it has an occasional seed or bubble. There are minor variations in the thickness and the flatness. It is not temperable.

GNA Restover


Clear GNA restoration. Manufactured by Schott. It is the vertical draw method known as machine drawn. It replicates glass made 1900-1950. The sheet size varies but is usually 40”x30”. There is very light waviness and some directional draw lines are visible. No seeds or bubbles. There is good consistency in the thickness and the flatness. It is not temperable.



Clear Vintage. Manufactured by Spectrum Glass—discontinued in 2013. We still have some sheets and suppliers still have some sheets. It is a machine made glass. There are some directional machine lines, no waviness, seeds or bubbles. There is good consistency in the thickness and the flatness. Could probably be tempered.

Custom Glass Cutting at SGE

Here is a picture of one of our customers picking up the stained glass that we cut here to fit his new cabinet doors. The glass is Spectrum Clear/White Wispy.

Stained glass has many uses in a residence, the most popular being cabinet doors. The options range from custom designs to a wide assortment of clear textured glass. Complete details can be found here. Our clear textures can be viewed in our online store.

Stained Glass Express Custom Glass Cutting_Cabinet Doors_Clear and White Wispy

Lamp Repair at The Studio

We will be doing some glass repair and reinforcement work on this lamp. The bottom diameter is approximately 3 feet!

Brownville Community Church

Brownville Community Church

Brownville Community Church

We have been doing work on the Brownville Community Church since 2010. The most recent work was repairs to the two windows that are next to the entrance at the top of the ramp. We also put Lexan on the windows that are on the back of the church so it may be used during the winter months. Over the years, we have completed several projects: repairs to the windows in the tower, repairs to windows that received ice damage and the creation of a memorial plaque.

We have also done restoration work on a total of 13 of the windows to keep them fresh and maintained.