(I would like to give credit for this, but I no longer know where I got it)

Solder Law:  Hot solder looks exactly like cold solder.

Solder Law II:  One lead joint will always be unsoldered.

Breakage Law: The number of bad breaks you get is directly proportional to the price of the glass.

Breakage Law II:  The number of bad breaks is an opposite proportion to the amount of glass on hand.

Breakage Law III:  The number of bad breaks is proportional to the distance from your supplier.

Law of Studio Geometry:  Any horizontal surface is soon piled up.

Law of Focus:  At the most difficult point in construction of any project, the phone will ring.

Law of Focus II:  The moment your hands touch lead, flux or patina, extreme hunger pangs will commence.

Law of Commerce:  Everyone knows someone who does glass….cheaper.

Replacement Law:  The moment you replace a lost tool with a new one, you will find the original.

Installation Law:  The time required to install is proportional to the number of people watching.

Installation Law II:  The tool you desperately need is back at the studio.

Common Sense Law:  There is no such thing as a clean stained-glass window.

Common Sense Law II:  The number of people you did not know were listening is proportional to the severity of the swear word used.

Common Sense Law III:  Everything takes longer than you think.

Common Sense Law IV:  Deadlines are always closer than you thought.