I have a habit of folding over pages in magazine.  I fold over the pages I want to go back and look at again.  I recently read the March/April 2919 Glass Art Magazine.  It seemed I was folding over every other page.  It was one article after another featuring amazing artists.

The first artist that “caught my eye and pulled it back” was Kazuki Takizawa.


Just google his name and enjoy!

My next page corner turned was Stephanie Trenchard.  The article is Telling Women’s Stories in Glass. Fun, fun, fun.

Next was Lois Manno with her Modeling Glass.  We have been selling her product at our store and our customers are doing some very creative things with it.

Her most popular items seem to be her feathers.  But she has other amazing items also.


    Linda MacNeil-Fine Jewelry

Love how modern, crisp and colorful these are.


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