Tips from the Glass Academy: Mica Powder


Mica Powder

So guess what Mica powder is made from? I am not sure why this was a surprise to me, but it is made from Mica!


Mica is a sparkly, transparent silicate mineral that is very flaky.  I have seen Mica used in lamps using the Tiffany method of foiling it in. It is usually a beautiful amber color. It has also been used in Jacquard Products homemade cosmetics and in furnace viewing ports. Today, it is used in everything from electronics to eye shadow.

Mica will stick to glass when fired. It will not stick to itself, so don’t overlap unless you are using the Satin Shimmer decals. You cannot even layer it very thick.

These absolutely beautiful feathers where made by Lois Manno. I got this picture from the Bullseye blog. These are done with Mica powder. You can see Lois’ work on her Glass Bird Studios website.

Mica feathers

Mica is compatible with all COEs so is very versatile. You can even roll a bead in it.

Copper Mica Powder


Gold Mica Powder


Russet Mica Powder


Silver Mica Powder


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