Tips from the Glass Academy: Glass Color Chemistry


What Makes Glass the Color it is?

Soda-lime glass appears colorless but if you look carefully at most clear glass you can see the green tint by looking at the edge. So to get color, other chemicals are added.

Iron oxide=bluish-green. Often seen in beer bottles. Add chromium and it is the rich green of a wine bottle
Sulfur and carbon=ambers. In borosilicate glass it makes blue and if calcium is added it is deep yellow.
Manganese=can remove the green tint in soda-lime glass. Add more and it is amethyst.
Manganese dioxide=also removed the green tint and with the process turns purple
Cobalt=blue glass
Cobalt oxide=blue-violet
Copper oxide=turquoise
Nickel=can be blue, violet or black.
Chromium=dark green or black.
Chromium, oxide, arsenic=emerald green
Cadmium=deep yellow
Cadmium, selenium, Sulphur=bright red and orange
Uranium=florescent yellow or green.
Copper=dark red
Gold=cranberry or ruby
Gold chloride=red
Silver=orange-red to yellow
Tin oxide, antimony, arsenic=white

Glass Color Chemistry Chart

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