Tips from the Glass Academy: Plating



I have tooted the Morse Museum horn many times and just can’t not do it again. This piece was part of the Morse Museum collection and is totally fabulous. It was made in 1894 by the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company. The designer was Will H. Low who did a painting of this piece and called it Aurora. Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn. This info comes from Morse News.

Tiffany was able to do this reproduction of the painting in glass by using Plating. Plating is placing one piece of glass upon another to create the painterly effects of light and shade. This window is four plates thick in some sections. Take a look at the water flowing from the fountain to the pool. Plating was used to crate that effect. Also look how Aurora appears to be sunlit. That is also plating.

The painting of Aurora is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The stained glass has recently been made part of the exhibition at the Morse. The Morse Museum is in Winter Park, Florida.

~ Janet


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