Tips from the Glass Academy: Van Gogh Glass


What is Van Gogh Glass?

Van Gogh glass is made from clear Glue Chip glass that is hand-painted on the back with a metallic, automotive-type pigment. It brings out the fern-like pattern of the Glue Chip glass and creates an unusual, striking effect. The metallic paint on the back is covered with black paint, so the glass has a mirror-like depth. The glass is completely smooth on the front.

Van Gogh glass has stunning colors that will really add to your projects. The glass is perfect for mosaics or can be added to your next stained glass panel. It certainly is better with reflected light. Van Gogh glass is not really transparent but can act strangely in strong light and you should examine it before putting it into a piece that will be in transmitted light. Because it is a handmade glass, colors may vary slightly from sheet to sheet. Buy all you need for a project at once to insure color consistency.

The glass should be treated like mirror. Use a Fine grit grinder bit when grinding. If the black paint flakes off the back of the glass during grinding, it can be touched up with a black paint pen.

The recommended glue for use with Van Gogh glass is Weldbond.

Weldbond. Item # WB08.

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Artwork photos courtesy Brenda Jolin



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