Tips from the Glass Academy: Safety – How Can You Tell a Stained Glass Worker?


Just look at their thumbs! They are lined with little cuts! Right! So annoying! Comes from pushing little pieces of glass against the grinding wheel. Unlike when we started out in business in 1988, now there is a gadget to solve your every problem. There are lots to solve the cut thumb problem.

Above: Thumb Pushers by Inland. Sku 2753tp. Low price and simple and easy to use.

Above: Grinder tongs by Morton. Morton is the gadget king of the glass industry. Of course, they would have something. Sku 2779ga04

Above: The most substantial solution is by Glastar. The Griffi Glass Gripper. Sku 2051

Above: The most unusual solution are Finger Gloves. Not really made for this purpose but folks tell us they use them for grinding. Sku fg