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New fusing products, stained glass products, gift line, and jewelry making supplies from Stained Glass Express.

Colors for Earth – New Stuff!

We have been distributors for Colors for Earth Paint since August 2017. Since we started stocking, we have added new products as they came out.

The Colors for Earth logo.

One thing we added is Piping Paste, which comes in white and black and is great to use as an outline. It is raised off the surface and creates a dam so that you can apply your paint inside the areas, not “outside the lines.”

Piping paste.

We also added the layering mix for paint pours, which is such a fun thing to do.

Beautiful dishes made using the Paint Pour technique.

We recently added some of the “glitz” to our lines of Bubble Art, G Series and Gs Series. The following is from the Colors For Earth website.

That’s Pretty Shifty!

Shifty and CFL are two terms to describe the same thing — a pallet of glass that changes color based on the light that it is under. CFL stands for “compact fluorescent light.” The glass changes its apparent color in fluorescent lighting.

The first CFL/shifty glass was done by Glass Alchemy in 2014, with the color Serum. Next, came Terps.

Serum by Glass Alchemy

Terps by Glass Alchemy


These are a bit tough to get, but other CFLs are available:

Potion by Glass Alchemy


Gemini by Northstar


Hydra by Northstar


Siriusly by Northstar

Check our hot glass section for availability.


Tiffany Aventurine – A Celebration!


This vase was made c. 1910.  It is Aventurine Lava Blown Glass by Tiffany Studios.  This is currently on display in the new exhibition at the Morse Museum called “Iridescence—A Celebration”.

This vase was among Tiffany’s treasured A-Coll (Artist Collection) pieces exhibited at Laurelton Hall.  It is a striking vase and was made by draping lava like aventurine glass over iridescent gold glass.  The name aventurine references the quartz-like glass with sparkling particles developed in Murano, Italy around 1910 when this was made.

You can use aventurine glass for your treasures also.  Available from Bullseye and Oceanside in flat glass and frit.   Usually available in black, blue or green.  It has been a little tough to get lately but we have some.  Click here to order.



Always Need More

So, so true! And mostly it is glass.  You just can’t stop.  Sometimes it is for a project, sometimes because it is a basic color that you always use, and sometimes it is just because it is too beautiful or unusual to resist.

Thank you for that. You keep the industry going!

We have a great stock of heads and tails in for our annual Invite Night sale April 6th. They will be available to one and all after the sale.


Paint pours are one of the most fun, exciting things to come along in our industry in a while.  It is easy, and the results are amazing.

Many people are doing this on canvas with acrylic paints, but in this industry we are going it on glass with enamel paints that can be fired.

To do one of these projects you need:  paints, layering mix, little cups, stir sticks, butane torch (optional), tray for catching the paint.

Some of the terminology you will hear are as follows:

Dirty Pour.  You pour/layer your paint in a cup and then set the glass on top of the cup and flip it over.  Let the colors slide down and then lift the cup.  So many variations.  You can slide the cup around before picking it up or tilt it.  After the cup is off you can blow with a straw or blow with the butane, drag something through it.  You can also just kind of sling/dump the paint from the cup.  Use more than one cup.

Straight pour:  Paint is poured/drizzled/dropped on the surface one at a time.   Then you can use the variations above.

Once the color is all over the surface you can wait a bit and then gently skin over the wet surface using an old credit card, palette, knife, fan brush etc.  You can use the butane to bring up bubbles or pop air bubbles.

Other fun things are to use a colander for pouring, or a sifter to sift dry powdered color on a wet base, a slotted spoon to create patterns, funnel to create pours.  Let your imagination run wild!



Oceanside Update: Manufacturers of Spectrum and Uroboros Glass

On 10/26/2017 we received and update from Oceanside.  Their current progress is that Glass is out to market.


I have put their list at the bottom of this blog.   Stained Glass Express is bringing it in as fast as the distributors have it.  We have also tried our very best to keep a strong and long color palette during this crisis.

Great news is that Frist production is underway!

System 96 and fx90 is in production.  (that is the fusible glass) Note there is not much on the production list at the bottom of this blog.

We are so happy that Oceanside is totally making this happen and that they are just great about keeping us informed.

The picture at the top is from their factory.

Spectrum Products:

·         100SF-ICE

·         A-100SEEDY

·         100SEEDY

·         100W

·         200S

·         A-100W

·         BR-CLEAR

·         100G

·         337-2S

·         125W

·         152G

·         518-1W

·         518-1RR

·         327-6S

·         526-2SF

·         591-1W

·         526-2RR

·         591-1RR

·         528-1SF

·         828-91S

·         305S

·         100RR

·         100QR

·         I-100SF-ICE

·         100GG

·         100C

·         100V

·         100SNSEEDY

·         309S

·         307S

·         180-8RR

·         389-1S

·         100SN

·         100A

·         828-72S

·         385-2S

·         387-2S

·         838-94S

·         838-74S

·         538-4W

·         538-2SF

·         538-2SF-2

·         140-8W

·         349-1S

·         349-2S

·         142W

·         349-6S

·         146W

·         1009SF

·         1009S

·         1009SF-2

·         200CC

·         838-72S

·         838-52S

·         200-91W

Uroboros Products:


·         60-2502-96-4

·         60-726-96-4

·         11-25-96-4

·         60-70-5

·         60-77-5

·         65-14-5

·         60-005-96-4

·         00-361-5

·         60-466-5

·         60-602-96-4

·         60-755-96-4

·         60-5005-96-4

·         60-611-96-4

·         60-74-5

·         60-5605-96-4

·         60-00-96GIR-4

·         60-77-96-4

·         60-25-5

·         65-35-5

·         65-74-5

·         70-70-5

·         60-6125-96-4

·         60-615-96-4

·         60-906-96-4

·         00-74-5

·         60-612-96-4

·         20-765-5

·         60-00-96IR-4

·         60-707-96-4

·         60-14-5

·         65-05-5

·         60-404-96IR-4

·         00-20-5

·         00-36-5

·         11-45-5

·         60-165-5

·         60-37-5

·         60-56-90GIR-5

·         60-5615-90-5

·         60-610-90-5

·         60-751-5

·         65-56-90-5

·         58-00-96-4

·         58-56-96IR-4

·         60-5600-96-4

·         60-6120-96-4

·         60-7555-96-4

·         60-774-96IR-4

·         60-165-4

·         60-56-96SIR-4

·         60-707-96IR-4

·         61-611-96-4

·         61-755-96-4

·         60-14-4

·         60-56-96IR-4

·         60-57-96-4

·         00-43-5

·         11-45-96-4

·         12-424-96-4

·         61-00-96IR-4

·         60-357-90-4

·         60-357-90-5

·         60-6060-90-5

·         60-003-96-4

·         60-906-96IR-4

·         50-05-5

·         60-408-90-5

·         60-436-90-5

·         14-406-96-4

·         60-070-96-4




You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!?

You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!? By Melissa Bardsley

Armour Etch has a new line of etching stencils called ‘Over n Over’ that is quickly growing and we didn’t want you to be left out of the loop.

This new type of stencil is called ‘Over n Over’ which just like the name says can be used over and over again. Anyone who has ever used etching stencils can appreciate the struggle of using that one design you really like and then wanting to use it again but there are no more in the package and are now faced with the tough decision of do you buy another package to just use that one stencil again or suck it up and make do with the ones you have left. This problem has been solved ( Woooo!) these new stencils are more durable and are able to be used multiple times by both those that sandblast and those that use the etching cream. The amounts of times you can reuse them is dependent on how intense you are sandblasting and how well you take care of them but it is safe to say you should be able to get 15-20 uses out of them. This is fantastic news for those that struggle with making decisions and chronically has use regret when etching.

This new line of etching stencils makes it easier and more cost efficient t o do etching at events! One fun activity that you can do at a party is have everyone decorate their own drinking glass using the ‘Over n Over’ stencils and etch cream, your guest now won’t confuse their glass with someone else’s  and they have a unique party favor.

There are tons of stencils available on our website and if you can’t find what you are looking for there is blank stencil material available so that you can create your own unique designs.

 Click here to see our supply of Over ‘n’ Over stencils!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your creations on our Facebook page and social media!


The great news is that the Oregon Department of Environmental quality is allowing Bullseye Glass to once again use chromium in their manufacturing.  They can use it immediately.  (this is July 2017)

It will take a bit of time to build inventory levels and get them back in the supply chain but we will once again see.

Spring Green Opalescent BE012630f

Click here to purchase Spring Green!

Spring green transparent BE142630F

Click here to purchase Transparent Spring Green!

Aventurine Green BE111231F

Click here to purchase Aventurine Green!

Light Aventurine Green BE141230F

Click here to purchase Light Aventurine Green!



The Transformation and Rebirth of Uroboros Glass

This just could not be more exciting.  Last May when the Glass almost died and a lot of thought it had, was a real time of scrambling around to keep glass on the shelves.  Now the anticipation of a steady supply chain is just so uplifting!

The Uroboros image of the dragon consuming its own tale is a symbol of nature’s infinite cycle.  One thing ending and another beginning.

So here we go!!!

Exciting News from Oceanside Glass Tile!

THIS FROM OCEANSIDE GLASS!! –Very exciting news!

photo from

                                                     photo from to see the first sheets coming off the lehr and being packed up for distribution!  The announcement that Spectrum was closing was on May 11, 2016.  It was a very bleak day.  This is the BEST!!!

June 6, 2017 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico Oceanside Glass & Tile – Spectrum production commences. The elation of witnessing the first ribbon flow through the forming rollers felt (almost) like the birth of a child. The awe, the powerful presence of something new in the face of serious sacrifice. A pulse, a deep breath, and the moment became a weightless miracle as the glass began its journey through the lehr. Now don’t get us wrong, a human birth certainly bears more significance, and our very own Brandon Byhre (long time Spectrum employee), Vice President of Glass Technology, celebrated the birth of his first daughter with his wife just hours before production began. A truly auspicious time for all our family at Oceanside Glass & Tile. For those of you in the Art Glass Community who have been patiently waiting for this next chapter of Spectrum production, we formally announce the inaugural roll at OGT. It’s hard to believe it was just over a year ago in May 2016 (391 days to be exact), when the Spectrum announcement shocked us all. It immediately presented a significant challenge to the entire art glass community and seemed like a potential end to a major supplier. Today, it is hard to imagine a better outcome for distributors and artists alike. The owners of Spectrum have provided tremendous resources, guidance and leadership to make sure that their legacy is left in good hands. Craig and Kyle Barker have remained completely committed to seeing the transition through to the best possible future. This new era of Spectrum Glass production in Mexico is the culmination of optimistic spirits accepting a rather massive challenge and a testament to the incredible power of team work. The entire group from both Spectrum and OGT worked tirelessly for months to bring the production line to fruition. From training and decommissioning the systems to seventy truckloads of equipment, building out the infrastructure and implementing production took a dream team of glass makers who kicked some serious glass! It is humbling to experience the dedication and downright tenacity it took to pull off the project in this timeframe (by coincidence the same as human gestation). If this were a “Thank You” speech it would take hours, but there are some key individuals that deserve recognition, big hugs, high fives and a round on the house. From the first day OGT employees set foot in Woodinville, WA, Spectrum friends embraced them with a willingness to share, teach and mentor their OGT counterparts. The relationships and resulting cooperation has exceeded all expectations, and we deeply thank the entire team that welcomed OGT and opened the door to this possibility. We value your support and are so grateful for your friendship. In no particular order…Brandon Byhre, Dean Granberg, Rich Rushing, Greg Boxford, Jesus Rios, Randy Hamel, Scandia Wood, Walt Nelson… These glass makers have over 100 years of combined experience, and they brought every bit of that knowledge to OGT. The operations team at Oceanside Glass & Tile graciously accepts the responsibility for continuing to produce the highest quality glass in the world. We’re extremely excited about the coming months as we ramp up production capacity. This is an awesome beginning to the next chapter in art glass.