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New fusing products, stained glass products, gift line, and jewelry making supplies from Stained Glass Express.

Colors for Earth – New Stuff!

We have been distributors for Colors for Earth Paint since August 2017. Since we started stocking, we have added new products as they came out.

The Colors for Earth logo.

One thing we added is Piping Paste, which comes in white and black and is great to use as an outline. It is raised off the surface and creates a dam so that you can apply your paint inside the areas, not “outside the lines.”

Piping paste.

We also added the layering mix for paint pours, which is such a fun thing to do.

Beautiful dishes made using the Paint Pour technique.

We recently added some of the “glitz” to our lines of Bubble Art, G Series and Gs Series. The following is from the Colors For Earth website.

That’s Pretty Shifty!

Shifty and CFL are two terms to describe the same thing — a pallet of glass that changes color based on the light that it is under. CFL stands for “compact fluorescent light.” The glass changes its apparent color in fluorescent lighting.

The first CFL/shifty glass was done by Glass Alchemy in 2014, with the color Serum. Next, came Terps.

Serum by Glass Alchemy

Terps by Glass Alchemy


These are a bit tough to get, but other CFLs are available:

Potion by Glass Alchemy


Gemini by Northstar


Hydra by Northstar


Siriusly by Northstar

Check our hot glass section for availability.


Tiffany Aventurine – A Celebration!


This vase was made c. 1910.  It is Aventurine Lava Blown Glass by Tiffany Studios.  This is currently on display in the new exhibition at the Morse Museum called “Iridescence—A Celebration”.

This vase was among Tiffany’s treasured A-Coll (Artist Collection) pieces exhibited at Laurelton Hall.  It is a striking vase and was made by draping lava like aventurine glass over iridescent gold glass.  The name aventurine references the quartz-like glass with sparkling particles developed in Murano, Italy around 1910 when this was made.

You can use aventurine glass for your treasures also.  Available from Bullseye and Oceanside in flat glass and frit.   Usually available in black, blue or green.  It has been a little tough to get lately but we have some.  Click here to order.



Always Need More

So, so true! And mostly it is glass.  You just can’t stop.  Sometimes it is for a project, sometimes because it is a basic color that you always use, and sometimes it is just because it is too beautiful or unusual to resist.

Thank you for that. You keep the industry going!

We have a great stock of heads and tails in for our annual Invite Night sale April 6th. They will be available to one and all after the sale.


Paint pours are one of the most fun, exciting things to come along in our industry in a while.  It is easy, and the results are amazing.

Many people are doing this on canvas with acrylic paints, but in this industry we are going it on glass with enamel paints that can be fired.

To do one of these projects you need:  paints, layering mix, little cups, stir sticks, butane torch (optional), tray for catching the paint.

Some of the terminology you will hear are as follows:

Dirty Pour.  You pour/layer your paint in a cup and then set the glass on top of the cup and flip it over.  Let the colors slide down and then lift the cup.  So many variations.  You can slide the cup around before picking it up or tilt it.  After the cup is off you can blow with a straw or blow with the butane, drag something through it.  You can also just kind of sling/dump the paint from the cup.  Use more than one cup.

Straight pour:  Paint is poured/drizzled/dropped on the surface one at a time.   Then you can use the variations above.

Once the color is all over the surface you can wait a bit and then gently skin over the wet surface using an old credit card, palette, knife, fan brush etc.  You can use the butane to bring up bubbles or pop air bubbles.

Other fun things are to use a colander for pouring, or a sifter to sift dry powdered color on a wet base, a slotted spoon to create patterns, funnel to create pours.  Let your imagination run wild!



Glass Patterns Quarterly “Holiday Issue” is Here!


Just arrived…the Winter 2016 “Holiday Issue” of Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine.

Available for purchase in our online store and in our Manchester store.

Exciting projects in this issue for all skill levels:

Stained Glass

  • Victorian Gourd Panel
  • Copper Foil Overlay
  • Halloween Tree

Fused Glass

  • Woven Glass
  • Metal Leafing
  • Stencil Design
  • Fused Spoons
  • Fall Centerpiece
  • Combing Technique


  • Embossed Bottles

Buy It Now!



Stained Glass News is Here!


The September issue of Stained Glass News has arrived! This edition’s free pattern is “Homage to Spectrum Glass”.

Get tips on making your own flash glass with enamels, how to create a pattern from other patterns, upgrading your home with cabinet door inserts and more. Every issue includes reader hints, a new products showcase, techniques, ideas and reader projects. Pick up your free copy during your next visit to our retail store.

Ordering from our online store? We ship Stained Glass News free on request with your order. Click here to begin shopping now!

Stained Glass Birds on a Branch

These absolutely fabulous branches are available already made up or as a kit (branch and a pattern) for you to make yourself. Also – no one is going to tell you that you can’t buy a branch and put anything you want on it! Your own creativity is the limit you face!

There are three branch types:

  • hummingbird branch
  • curved, up branch
  • curved, down branch

They are best displayed in a window frame so your glass can get light. They measure approximately 14 to 15 inches in length.

Also available is this dragonfly. How great!


We currently stock these finished stained glass birds on a branch:

We stock the following kits (includes a pewter branch, pattern for birds, leaves and berries, detailed instructions, wire, mounting screws):

Baltimore Oriole Pair


Blue Jay


Cardinal Pair


Chickadee Pair






Gold Finch Pair




Nuthatch Pair


Tufted Titmouse Pair


~ Janet





New Issues of Stained Glass News & The SCORE!

The March issue of The SCORE newsletter is here! We have copies of the latest edition at our Manchester store. Be sure to grab a copy during your next visit. Stained glass patterns included in this edition are Cranes, Rose of My Heart, April Showers and Geometric. The System 96 project is a stamped mosaic decorative bowl. You can also request a free copy to be shipped along with your purchase from our online store by going here. The SCORE can also be downloaded from the Spectrum Glass website (no patterns).

The new issue of Stained Glass News is also in. Get tips on cutting & fitting lead, how to create a pattern from a photograph and more. The free pattern is “Free Form Abstract”. Pickup your free copy in our store or add it to your cart when ordering online by clicking here.