When doing jewelry or small pieces there are several ways to hang.  What you don’t want to do is ruin the looks!  One of the cleanest looks is a jewelry bail which is glued on when the piece is out of the kiln. Available in different sizes, shapes and finishes.

There is also a form of a bail that has prongs to go into a hole that you have prepared in your glass.  You do this by drilling the hole after the glass comes out of the kiln.

Another option is high temp wire.  This can go right into the kiln.  Put it between two pieces of glass so it fuses and becomes part of the piece.  This is available by the roll or in little preformed hangers.   This does not stay shiny silver when it is fused.  It darkens.

Handy Hangers are made of brass, so they can go into the kiln.  Put them between two pieces of glass.  The same folks who manufacturer handy hangers just came out with the Finley hanger which is more delicate than the handy hanger.

The other option which is a different great look is to put fiber paper as a spacer.  Fiber paper comes in different thicknesses or you can stack it.

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