We hear this a lot around March and April when we chat with folks about them entering the “Just for Fun Contest” that is due in March and is on display in April.

We do have some very skilled, extremely talented people enter this contest.  We have artists who have professional studios set up and sell their work.   We also have some total beginners and for past few years we have had a least one entry by a child.  We have different styles of work, some original/some from a pattern.  We get flat, 3-d, pictorial and abstract.


All the entries have two things in common.  First, they are all made of glass.  Second, they are all worthy entries.

The variety of work and the different skill levels are what make the contest wonderful.  Each piece draws out comments of appreciation for something.  It might be choice of color or choice of glass.  Some little quirky thing someone might have done.  The high skill, the original design, a favorite pattern or topic.  NEVER, NEVER have we heard— “that doesn’t belong”.

Remember the name is “Just for Fun”.  That may sound trite but we put a lot of thought into it.  We did not want the contest to have rules we had to monitor and we did not want to limit it in any way.

So–YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.   I will say I do have a lot of admiration for people willing to put their work on display.  There is a bit of bravery involved.  So be brave.  Start working on next year’s piece.


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