Tips from the Glass Academy: Bethlehem Burners

Bethlehem Burners

Stained Glass Express is a distributor for Bethlehem Burners. Why? Because they let us! Many manufacturers are still in the manufacturer to distributor to retailer way of doing business. There certainly is a place for this and I am glad it exists. When I want two of these and one of those, I am very grateful that I have a distributor to go to.

However, with something like a kiln or a burner, that number of mark-ups just makes it too expensive to the end users. Stained Glass Express has worked hard to convince some manufacturers that we are capable of being a distributor. So, Bethlehem took us on and we are thrilled. We ended up with a top of the line torch that everyone who has used it, loves.

If you are used to other names, this is how our burners compare:

We stock two different Bethlehem burners and can get the larger ones. We stock the Alpha and the Bravo. Champion and Grand are also available.


Alpha (click image to view product)

The Alpha compares to:

  • GTT – Lynx
  • Carlisle – Mini CC
  • Nortel – Mega Minor

Bravo (click image to view product)

The Bravo compares to:

  • GTT – Phantom
  • Carlisle – CC, Black Widow
  • Nortel – Red Max

The Champion compares to:

  • GTT – Mirage
  • Carlisle – CC+
  • Nortel – Red Rocket

The Grand compares to:

  • GTT – Kabuki
  • GTT – Delta Mag

According to Bethlehem’s flow tests, Bethlehem burners are capable of flowing more oxygen than any other torch comparable to its size.

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