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Art Glass Manufacturers in the US

Since Spectrum Glass announced it was closing, there has been an increased interest in where glass comes from and what we will be stocking our bins with. So I have been making a list. I am not sure my list is complete and I would be very happy if someone would like to send me more info or correct anything I have done.



  • Now manufactured by Wissmach and Kokomo. Transparent by Wissmach and Opals by Kokomo.


  • This company started in 1893!  It is located in Milton, West Virginia. They make hand-blown glass as well as glassware, art glass, sheet glass, Dalle De Verre slab glass and Rondels.


  • Manufacturers what some call 90 COE. Bullseye says it is compatible with itself. Their main headquarters is in Portland, Oregon but they also have opened locations in Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.


  • Started in 1980 making antique glass in the old-word method of hand-blown sheets. Located in Seattle, Washington.


  • Full name is Kokomo Opalescent Glass. Make art glass and blown glass. America’s oldest glass factory. Located in Kokomo, Indiana.


  • Machine made glass and fusible 96 COE glass. Located in Woodinville, Washington. Will stop manufacturing art glass in July 2016 and stop manufacturing studio nuggets in September 2016.


  • Manufactures over 105 color combinations in many styles and textures. They have two fusible lines, System 96 and FX90. They also have a 104 COE line. They are located in Portland, Oregon.

Van Gogh

  • It is very difficult to find info on this company. However, it seems that they take already manufactured glass and paint and coat it with a backing to get a wonderful unique look that is great for mosaics.


  • Makes hot and cold! Art glass, 96 and 90 COE glass. Also makes a temperable line. They are located in Paden City, West Virginia.

Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Company

  • Specializes in glass for lamps, panels, windows and other arts and crafts.Their lines include Stipple, Virtuoso, Reproduction, Oceana and Easy Fuse. Located in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

Glass Rods

Glass Alchemy

  • Started in 2000, manufacturing colored borosilicate. 33 COE. A pioneer in their industry. They are located in Portland, Oregon.

Momka’s Glass

  • Manufacture borosilicate glass. 33 COE. Located In Arlington, Washington. Company was started by a Bulgarian glass chemist, Momka Peeva

Northstar Glassworks

  • Manufacture colored borosilicate. 33 COE. Their brand is called Borocolour. They are also considered a pioneer in this emerging market. Located in Portland, Oregon.

Dichroic Glass

All of these companies take already manufactured glass by Spectrum, Uroboros or Bullseye and use it as a substrate for their dichroic coatings.

Austin Thin Films

  • “DichroMagic”. Founded in 1992 and located in Austin, Texas.

CBS (Coatings by Sandberg)

  • In business just over 10 years and located in Orange, California.

Profusion Studio

  • Located in Glendale, Arizona. Make Dichroic and decals. Specialize in patterns.

~ Janet

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