Glass has come a long way!

Stained Glass Express open in July of 1988.  Before that we stocked some glass and supplies at our Oakes & Parkhurst Glass locations in Winslow, Belfast, Farmington and Skowhegan.  All these locations were sold or closed in preparation for our retirement and the only location of O&P Glass is now in Augusta, Maine. (run by two of our three children).  We have been doing/selling stained glass since the early 80s.

We offered some classes in our Winslow location.  All that was even thought of was the copper foil method of stained glass.  The teacher we had at that time, Fred Tanenbaum from Northern Light Stained Glass, firmly believe that beginners should not use a grinder. We later added Jim Miller of Miller signs to teach.  He, and many other stained-glass professionals, believed that if you used a grinder you would not learn to cut well.  We all created our own patterns and plugged away at making projects.  I still own the first one I made which was fruit.  Imagine making a cluster of grapes before nuggets were available!  I look at it now and the some of the fruit pieces seem too big or small in relation to the others and there are just kind of suspended in air.  However, it did seem amazing that it all got put together even after the dog knocked it off the coffee table and sent all the little pieces flying.  In addition to the grapes there was also a pineapple so all those grapes and little diamonds to make up the pineapple got put back together like a puzzle by my son, Tobias and my husband, Richard.  Some of the glass is that piece is now not available.

Since that time the offerings have expanded greatly.  In additional to the copper foil method, classes are now offered in lead came, Mosaics, multiple skill levels of Fusing, Glass Painting,  Glass Blowing and Bead Making.  In addition to that there are project based Friends Night Out and classes developed around Healing.  We currently have about 20 different teachers who teach for us.

When we were going to open our first store that would have just Stained Glass, we considered stocking just one kind of glass.  Armstrong.  I am sure glad we did not make that choice since Armstrong is hard to get most of the time.

We always provide grinders for beginners because we don’t think it is fun without one.  We stock Glass from Armstrong, Firebox, Spectrum and Uroboros by Oceanside, Wissmach, GNA, Youghiogheny, Kokomo, Pilkington and other clear texture manufacturers.

It will be interesting to see where this industry is in another 35 years!

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Top the Tree!

Over the years we have had many requests for a tree topper.   Recently we were involved with a “River of Trees” project where we were co-sponsoring a tree with glass ornaments.  This time we needed to do it.  We had to have a tree topper.

This year’s tree would be in jewel tones and we stock a bevel star in a beautiful blue.

Click here to buy the blue bevel star!

Wanda Shorty with the help of her son, Matt added wire to this star.  They attached two wires to the star as shown in the picture below and created a coil to attach the star to the tree.  The coil was made with 3/32” steel copper clad rod.  We do stock these but don’t list them on the website because they are long to ship.  However, put a note on your order and say you want a rod-2 and it is ok to cut it ½ and we will add one to the order.

And here is the tree in all it’s glory!


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Tiffany Autumn Color

The Morse Museum has started to use Pinterest and have several boards that are really nice.

Tiffany’s Cobweb Library Lamp

Featured in the Halloween link above.

The cobweb lamp is one of the rarest of Tiffany Lamp designs.  Fewer than 10 examples are known to exist.  One of them is on display at the Morse now.  The shade has flowers and eight spider webs each a different configuration and with different glass.  The base is mosaic which make it more difficult to produce.  The shade has bronze branches and a vessel that once held fuel.  Tiffany and other artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were influenced by Japanese art.  Spiders and other insects were popular subjects in Japanese art and design.  In 1906 it sold for $500 which was nearly 4 times the amount of other lamps at that time.

The Morse Museum is in Winter Park, Florida or at

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I am not an artist.  I am lucky enough to own and run an art store.  I love what I do and I love art.  I always say my favorite part of any day is when one of you are willing to “show and tell”.  We get to see actual projects or pictures.  How fun to see what we sell turn in to something that you have created!  Twice a year we do a contest.  In April we host the Just For Fun contest to help celebrate National Stained Glass Month.  In October we host The Amazing Glass Challenge.  I am also so amazed at the willingness of people to bring in their work and allow us to put it on display.  I think it takes great courage.


The Amazing Glass Challenge was an idea born at Stone Ridge Studio by Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner.  Each year Bernie, writes a poem for the Champagne Reception where the winners of The Amazing Glass Challenge are announced.   This year when Bernie asked what the them should be, I suggested that idea of how courageous you all are.  I just love what Bernie came up with and I am sharing it here.


Profiles in Courage


Courage!  It’s everywhere really:

In the cat taunting hundred-pound dogs,

In the girl on her bike in traffic.

Courage!  Like the chipmunk outside my window

Gorging on sunflower seeds from the feeder

While alert for predator hawks

Or the hawk itself as it dives toward the ground—

One inch high and the hawk goes hungry,

Too low and it’s had its last meal.

So Courage!  Even Presidents need it,

If only to look in the mirror shaving…

Or brushing her hair.  Courage!

It’s what’s called for to enter a contest,

To start with just one piece of glass and make art

For others to see, to wonder—or laugh—at.

Who knows?  Maybe Courage! is nothing

But foolishness dressed up to dance.

But who cares?  Don’t hold onto your tail

With both hands; say instead like a Cowardly Lion:

“I am artist!  Hear me roar!”

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Tips from the Glass Academy: DID YOU KNOW


This about Stained Glass Express


If you take a class anywhere, you are eligible for a 10% discount during that class at Stained Glass Express.  We don’t have enough staff to enter these to happen automatically so please remind the cashier that you are taking a class.

If you take a class at Stained Glass Express, you are eligible for a 20% discount at Stained Glass Express.  Please remind the cashier you are in a class.  You also can work in the Glass Academy whenever we are open and there is space.

If you are a veteran, you are eligible for our “Thanks for Serving the USA” discount.


If you are eligible for a discount, it is good for almost everything in the store.  If you want to buy a gift your discount applies.  Just remember to tell the cashier.  We have even added some of these gifts to our on-line store and will begin featuring some for the holiday season.  Exceptions are labor, class tuition, things in The Gallery (they don’t belong to SGE) and just a couple of products (that we try to keep marked) because we don’t have a markup on them to discount.

If you are an art teacher in either a private or public setting you are eligible to take beginner classes at The Glass Academy for free!



We are a distributor of Olympic Kilns and Bethlehem Burners.  Big items for a small company like us to sell so competitively.  If you have a class or veteran or wholesale discount, the discount applies.  When buying a kiln you also get a free class to you how to program it and run it.  We stock several different kilns but can special order a different one for you.  You can view the selection at



Did you know you can rent time in our Glass Academy to work on project and you can pay for kiln space.   You can rent by the day or the month.

We sponsor two contests per year.  One the Just For Fun contest in April that celebrates National Stained Glass Month.  There is a special sale that goes along with this even.  The second is a themed contest called The Amazing Glass Challenge and it is in October.


Stained Glass Express has other events and monthly sales.  Please sign up for our e newsletter to stay in the loop on those.


We have different types of class.  Classes where you want to learn the skill so you can do it on your own after in Stained Glass Copper Foil Method, Lead Method, Mosaics, Fusing, Glass Blowing and Bead Making.  We have Friends Night Out where you can just come for an evening and drink wine, eat appetizers and with no experience make something wonderful!  We have an Art & Healing Program where the classes lend themselves to people healing from an experience.  Special classes for special skills, private parties –you just name it!

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Oceanside Update: Manufacturers of Spectrum and Uroboros Glass

On 10/26/2017 we received and update from Oceanside.  Their current progress is that Glass is out to market.


I have put their list at the bottom of this blog.   Stained Glass Express is bringing it in as fast as the distributors have it.  We have also tried our very best to keep a strong and long color palette during this crisis.

Great news is that Frist production is underway!

System 96 and fx90 is in production.  (that is the fusible glass) Note there is not much on the production list at the bottom of this blog.

We are so happy that Oceanside is totally making this happen and that they are just great about keeping us informed.

The picture at the top is from their factory.

Spectrum Products:

·         100SF-ICE

·         A-100SEEDY

·         100SEEDY

·         100W

·         200S

·         A-100W

·         BR-CLEAR

·         100G

·         337-2S

·         125W

·         152G

·         518-1W

·         518-1RR

·         327-6S

·         526-2SF

·         591-1W

·         526-2RR

·         591-1RR

·         528-1SF

·         828-91S

·         305S

·         100RR

·         100QR

·         I-100SF-ICE

·         100GG

·         100C

·         100V

·         100SNSEEDY

·         309S

·         307S

·         180-8RR

·         389-1S

·         100SN

·         100A

·         828-72S

·         385-2S

·         387-2S

·         838-94S

·         838-74S

·         538-4W

·         538-2SF

·         538-2SF-2

·         140-8W

·         349-1S

·         349-2S

·         142W

·         349-6S

·         146W

·         1009SF

·         1009S

·         1009SF-2

·         200CC

·         838-72S

·         838-52S

·         200-91W

Uroboros Products:


·         60-2502-96-4

·         60-726-96-4

·         11-25-96-4

·         60-70-5

·         60-77-5

·         65-14-5

·         60-005-96-4

·         00-361-5

·         60-466-5

·         60-602-96-4

·         60-755-96-4

·         60-5005-96-4

·         60-611-96-4

·         60-74-5

·         60-5605-96-4

·         60-00-96GIR-4

·         60-77-96-4

·         60-25-5

·         65-35-5

·         65-74-5

·         70-70-5

·         60-6125-96-4

·         60-615-96-4

·         60-906-96-4

·         00-74-5

·         60-612-96-4

·         20-765-5

·         60-00-96IR-4

·         60-707-96-4

·         60-14-5

·         65-05-5

·         60-404-96IR-4

·         00-20-5

·         00-36-5

·         11-45-5

·         60-165-5

·         60-37-5

·         60-56-90GIR-5

·         60-5615-90-5

·         60-610-90-5

·         60-751-5

·         65-56-90-5

·         58-00-96-4

·         58-56-96IR-4

·         60-5600-96-4

·         60-6120-96-4

·         60-7555-96-4

·         60-774-96IR-4

·         60-165-4

·         60-56-96SIR-4

·         60-707-96IR-4

·         61-611-96-4

·         61-755-96-4

·         60-14-4

·         60-56-96IR-4

·         60-57-96-4

·         00-43-5

·         11-45-96-4

·         12-424-96-4

·         61-00-96IR-4

·         60-357-90-4

·         60-357-90-5

·         60-6060-90-5

·         60-003-96-4

·         60-906-96IR-4

·         50-05-5

·         60-408-90-5

·         60-436-90-5

·         14-406-96-4

·         60-070-96-4




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On September 10th while traveling in England we made the delightful mistake of visiting Highcliffe Castle in Dorset, instead of High Cleve Castle.  I say delightful because I got to see the Jesse Window that is installed there.

On the first floor is amazing Jesse Window.  “The tree of Jesse” which is the Christ’s family tree.  Thirty feet high and dating from the 16th century, it came from the church of St Vigor at Rouen.  It survived two fires in the 1960’s.

One of the interesting things I learned about this window was when the glass was moved to Highcliffe it filled only a quarter of the space.  Louisa Stuart, Lord Stuart’s talented daughter worked with the glazier Charles Holloway to paint glass to complete the image and fill the space.

There are many of these amazing castles in England which struggle financially.  They are, of course, expensive to keep up.  This one specializes in weddings to keep going and continue the restoration.

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You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!?

You Mean I Can Use Them ‘Over n Over’ Again!? By Melissa Bardsley

Armour Etch has a new line of etching stencils called ‘Over n Over’ that is quickly growing and we didn’t want you to be left out of the loop.

This new type of stencil is called ‘Over n Over’ which just like the name says can be used over and over again. Anyone who has ever used etching stencils can appreciate the struggle of using that one design you really like and then wanting to use it again but there are no more in the package and are now faced with the tough decision of do you buy another package to just use that one stencil again or suck it up and make do with the ones you have left. This problem has been solved ( Woooo!) these new stencils are more durable and are able to be used multiple times by both those that sandblast and those that use the etching cream. The amounts of times you can reuse them is dependent on how intense you are sandblasting and how well you take care of them but it is safe to say you should be able to get 15-20 uses out of them. This is fantastic news for those that struggle with making decisions and chronically has use regret when etching.

This new line of etching stencils makes it easier and more cost efficient t o do etching at events! One fun activity that you can do at a party is have everyone decorate their own drinking glass using the ‘Over n Over’ stencils and etch cream, your guest now won’t confuse their glass with someone else’s  and they have a unique party favor.

There are tons of stencils available on our website and if you can’t find what you are looking for there is blank stencil material available so that you can create your own unique designs.

 Click here to see our supply of Over ‘n’ Over stencils!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your creations on our Facebook page and social media!

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Stained Glass Dreamcatchers


The Legend of the Dreamcatcher is that Native Americans of the Great Plains believe that the air is filled with both good and bad dreams.

According to legend, the good dreams pass through the center hold of a dream catcher and to the sleeping person.  The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.

Historically, dreamcatchers were hung in the tipi or lodge and a baby’s cradle.

Make your own dreamcatcher.  Here are some useful items to help.

Click here to buy your own dreamcather bevel kit!

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Tips from the Glass Academy – ZYP HELPFUL HINTS

Good Grief!  Has there ever been a time more fraught with problems in our industry.  Manufacturers, distributors and retailers closing.  Never in my over 30 years in this business have I seen such a shortage of products.

Then last year there was the Boron Nitride dilemma.  Our regular source disappeared from the market and was replaced with Slide and ZYP.  Slide could not be used for all applications so we have had to use the very expensive ZYP.  Kudos to the manufacturers for trying to get the cost down.  Apparently, a fair amount of the cost of the product is because it came out in an aerosol.  Expensive to ship.  So just a month ago they came out with a pump spry.  Less expensive to ship, so less expensive in the market place.  We all jumped for it!

Then the complaints started!  It clogs!  Darn, darn, darn.  So here are some hints to help!


  1. Shake vigorously before each use.  (rock and roll music would be helpful in the background)
  2. Seal tightly after use.
  3. The water-based spray will take longer to dry than the solvent-based spray.
  4. To prevent clogging: wash pump sprayer with warm water when finished for the day.

Click here to purchase the ZYP Pump Spray!

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